17 Sustainable
Development Goals

2030 NOW explores a world shaped by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Global artists, scientists, activists, celebrities, business leaders and politicians…It has become the focus of many global citizens to strive for a life of dignity. The UN Goals for 2030 serve as a road map towards a better future. The 2030 NOW book features the 17 SDGs while highlighting the individuals striving to turn them into a reality.

Hardcover – 296 pages – 24x32cm

2030 NOW is available to purchase in England at Harvey Nichols, Kokoro London, Daunt Books and almost in the rest of the world at AMAZON.


The 2030 NOW project harnesses the extraordinarily transformative power of Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s photographs with equally forceful stories of local activists and globally renowned figures to advance the cause of United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Ban Ki-moon 8th Secretary-General of the United Nations

“Most people want to do something, but many feel powerless. They see these gigantic problems and feel powerless to do anything about them. But they aren’t. That’s why it’s so important to provide opportunities for action. Every little helps.”

Céline Cousteau Explorer and environmental campaigner

“When it comes to the progress of humanity, the optimists have the facts on their side. They are the hard - headed realists, whereas the pessimists actually live in a state of delusion.”

Steven Pinker Professor at Harvard University, cognitive psychologist, author


Scientists along with 17 globally known voices join as ambassadors, all sharing their personal commitment to achieving the UN 2030 Goals.


Artists represented through Art 2030 share their visions on the 17 UN Goals. Enabling us to imagine that our lives could be different.


We can all make a difference. Each local hero represents an important voice pushing every one of us to contribute in some way. And perhaps those concrete and demonstrated actions hold every one of us accountable about the future.


Our heartfelt thanks to all of the 2030 NOW ambassadors, artists, scientists and local heroes, and to everyone else whose commitment and knowledge helped to make this book and project possible.

ART 2030
UN Office Geneva


“The UN Global Goals – lessons for all’ is a series of posters, each representing one of the 17 SDG’s, all together forming an exhibition shipped to 2.500 Danish schools in week 9 and 10, 2020, free of charge.

French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand has kindly donated the use of 17 chapter photos from the book 2030 NOW to the school project.

The poster exhibition is the result of a partnership with a range of danish companies and organisations.


Life Exhibitions and Life Publishing is a Copenhagen based multi channel  agency founded in 2001 by Stine Trier Norden and Søren Rud. Life Exhibitions has a remarkable track record in staging photo exhibitions on three main topics: Climate, Nature and Sustainability.

Life Exhibitions operates Life Publishing. Our prime focus is to continuously raise awareness on the fragile state of our planet. Life Exhibitions also wants to convey how a developed consciousness on sustainable actions is a contribution to achieving the 2030 UN Goals.


The 2030 NOW book is written by Susanne Sayers, edited by Stine Trier Norden and Søren Rud, Art Direction by Christian Kirk-Jensen from Danish Pastry Design, Photo Editor: Vibeke Højgaard Frederiksen, Scientific Editor: Michael Helt Knudsen, Research: Poul Arnedal, Translation: Tam McTurk, Ashley Douglas and Matt Evans of Citadel Translations, Scotland